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Emilie Shapiro

Biome Bracelet

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This collection was inspired by the unique ecosystems of the ocean and the significance of flora and fauna. Vastly different species rely on one another in order to thrive in their shared environment.

Garnet, grossular, turquoise, rose quartz, kyanite, ruby, tanzanite and emerald come together in perfect harmony to create this piece with a handmade clasp. All metals used are recycled and nickel free.

Length: 7.5 Inches

Dimensions: 4in x 4in x 2in

About Emilie Shapiro
Emilie Shapiro’s work is inspired by natural elements and heavily driven by experimentation and process. She incorporates natural, rough gemstones celebrating beauty in imperfection. Emilie uses the ancient craft of lost wax casting which dates back to the Egyptians, wherein she carves sculptural pieces into hard wax and casts them into metal, for a primitive yet modern feel. Emilie casts gemstones in place so they are embedded in the metal to represent a marriage of materials. Emilie uses sustainable business practices by avoiding harmful chemicals in her studio, using nickel free and recycled metals and packaging materials and working with vendors who share the same ethos. All jewelry is handmade in Emilie’s studio in New York City.