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God's Country: A Collective Exploration of Louisiana's Frontiers

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Southerly Gold was formed in 2011, and is an ensemble of three female photographers - Aubrey Edwards, Ariya Martin and Elena Ricci - living in, and inspired by, the city of New Orleans.

God's Country wanders through the subtle stories and complicated narratives of Louisiana.

The six visual field guides comprising this box set shed light on the roads less traveled, in sleepy towns tucked along the state's borders.

From 2012 through 2016, Southerly Gold traveled to the parishes that occupy the delineated corners of the state following trails of industrialization.  These photographs explore the promises and resources that the farthest reaches of Louisiana have held.  From agriculture to oil.  From land to sea.  These images of the contemporary landscape, captured along routes of the past, bear witness to the residue of these promises.

Southerly Gold was invited to create an installation for the Evelyn L. Burkenroad Creative Concept Studio at NOMA in conjunction with the exhibition Inventing Acadia: Painting and Place in Louisiana.