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OneStep+ i-Type Instant Camera

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$169.99 USD

The Polaroid One Step+ is a new analog instant camera that connects to your smartphone, unlocking a world of creative photography. Use the integrated Polaroid Originals app to explore fun techniques like double exposures and light painting, take full creative control with manual mode and a remote trigger, or frame your perfect close-up with the additional portrait lens.

When Polaroid founder Edwin Land released the first OneStep in 1977 his mission was to make analog instant photography accessible to everyone. The OneStep+ takes this simplicity from the ‘70s and catapults it into today to give you old school charm with new world expression.

Works with i-Type and 600 film, sold separately.

About Polaroid
Polaroid works to help people appreciate moments big and small, to pause them, and to relive them in something you can hold in your hand and turn to forever. From their refurbished vintage Polaroid cameras to their Polaroid Lab where new models are created, life-enriching tools are made ground you in the here and now.