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Queen Nefertari's Egypt- Postcard Set (8)

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 In this set postcards, you can find images of a variety of pieces featured in Queen Nefertari's Egypt.  Each postcard is wrapped in a clear sealed envelope and features lines on the back fro writing a message or an address for sending.

Featured works:

  • Stela of Nahki, Servant in the Place of Truth, Offering to Osiris and Anubis
  • Statue of Nebanen as a Standard-Bearer
  • Amulet Representing the Goddess Tawaret
  • Block Statuette of Keret, Overseer of the Harem
  • Statue of Ramesses II Seated between the Gods Amun and Mut
  • Statue of Goddess Mut
  • Fragment of Furniture or a Seat
  • Statue of a Dignitary Holding a Standard with the Head of the Goddess Hathor

Dimensions: 7" x 5.25"

Sold as a set of 8 postcards