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Horizontal Bone Talon Ring

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$65.00 USD
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$65.00 USD

Elegant and simple. This bone ring elevates any look. The horizontal orientation of the talon runs along the back line of your fingers making it a great ring to wear alone. The ring is adjustable with a study brass band.

Color: Ebony, Bluewood

About odAOMO
odAOMO is a local artist, Kenyan based designer where they stay true to the heartbeat of their vision, mission, and origin. When they say made in Kenya, it is made in Kenya from start to finish, by Kenyan hands (not machined), and each collection is named for a specific Kenyan topic, event, or season. They pride themselves on their authenticity, inclusivity and individual empowerment. Through their designs, they celebrate the beauty in all cultures, make the designs wearable by all, open doors to all, and open people’s eyes to the beauty that exists in another’s culture, beyond their own.