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Graf Lantz

Wine-O's Felt Wine Markers

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Unknown Glass Syndrome, U.G.S., is a mild annoyance affecting millions at lively gatherings around the world every year. But now there’s help. Graf Lantz Wine-O’s provide instant relief by turning doubt into confidence, giving you the knowledge you need to party in peace. An innovative color code system provides the instant evidence of which glass is yours. The perfect host or hostess gift these wine glass markers are super unique and made from sustainable and renewable luxury grade Bavarian Merino wool felt.

Color: Ikebana

Dimensions: 1" x 0.25"
Set of 12.

About Graf Lantz
Founded by Holger Graf and Daniel Lantz in 2008, this company was created out of inspiration from Holger's German heritage and Daniel’s love for the Japanese ideas of less, but chosen. Graf Lantz works with some of the world's earliest, most durable and sustainable materials, and has brought fun and style to the once overlooked miracle fabric, Merino wool, to bring joy to home and wearable accessories.